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Concrete Demolition, Rebaring, Anchor Bolt Fixing, Pull Out Test, Diamond Drilling / Core Cutting, Diamond Floor Sawing, Diamond Wall Sawing, Diamond Wire Sawing, Hydraulic Bursting, Concrete Splitting, Hydraulic Concrete Crusher, Nylon Frame Anchor Fixing, Under Water Wire Sawing. CHEMICAL MORTAR - Polyester - CM350P, Vinylester - CM350VESF, Pure Epoxy - CM385PE, Pure Epoxy - CM400PE, Pure Epoxy - CM585PE, PU FOAM - 1K Assembly Foam - 500ml, 1K Assembly Foam - 750ml, 1K Assembly Foam PRO, 1K Fire Rated Foam B1, 1K Fire Rated Foam B1 Gun Grade PRO, Gun and Foam Cleaner, CHEMICAL GUNS / CAULKING GUNS, CHEMICAL CAPSULE-SUPERCAP, CHEMICAL ANCHOR STUDS - CAS, MECHANICAL / WEDGE ANCHOR - Indo Wedge Anchors - IWA, Through Bolt Anchors - TBA, Drop In Anchors - DIA, NYLON FRAME ANCHORS - Nylon Frame Plugs - NFP, Nylon Hammer Fixing Plugs - NHF, Nylon Plugs - FD., Gun And Foam Cleaner,
Montana International
Industrial Belts Timing Belts, V-Belts, high quality power transmission belts
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